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The Gatekeeper Society

In the United States of America there exists an agency sanctioned by the government, but privately controlled. The agency charter is to study, record and if necessary, combat what is at present deemed to be supernatural or paranormal activity anywhere within our borders. Said agency was founded in the early 70’s and was designated the ‘Gateway Society’ and has operated on a level since that rivals any federal law enforcement agency to date.

Cari (a high ranking field agent of the Gatekeeper) leads her team into the heart of a ghost town in New Mexico after being contacted by an old friend. The old friend claims that there is an incredible increase in activity from the spirit of legend La Llorona. La Llorona known for striking fear has possibly taken the lives of a family and has left the father and sole survivor to take the fall.

It turns out to be far worse then the already tragic events imply. There is an occult group obsessed with channeling the paranormal energies created by atrocities and mayhem lying in wait for the team. Cari is taken prisoner with many of her team. The rest are murdered. Enter Desmond Moore: The over bearing professor of Meta Physics at Michigan State University, ex-agent as well as co-founder of the Gateway Society. Not to mention trainer of and estranged brother of Cari, who finds himself stepping out of retirement to lead a team of his choosing to rescue his wayward sister.

–written by Anthony S. Thomas


Monique Dupree

Anthony Saint Thomas

Yelena Sabel

Richard Pryor Jr.

Max Jay Hinmon

Louisa Balderama

Craig Zucchero (just announced September 29th, 2014)

Marianne Mills (just announced September 29th, 2014)

Written by: Anthony Saint Thomas

Directed by Yelena Sabel & Margaret Villano

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